Why us?

Individual approach towards every project

The choice of an optimal and unconventional solution is the foundation for success in the implementation of all types of IT systems dedicated to the needs specified by the client.

Our experience is used mainly in order to analyze the software's requirements and to develop a design of a solution that will guarantee the fulfillment of such requirements.

No compromise as to quality

IT services provided by PROEMNET involve state-of-the-art solutions, effective and well-proven methodology, a skilled team and an emphasis on efficient and reliable implementation of our projects.

The recipients of our software are entities dealing with certification, testing and control, specializing, among others, in the certification of ISO 9001 quality management systems.

Our experience

We have developed operating methods, which we successfully use during the implementation of subsequent projects.

Our skills, applied technology as well as our knowledge and our practical experience translate into an option of efficient realisation of every concept presented to us for implementation.


During the design of IT systems, what is important to us are the possibilities for the user to have a real impact on how the software works.

The number of changes that can be made in a completed system has never been so big, and the manner of their implementation has never been so convenient and user-friendly.

Technical support

We are aware of the crucial importance of an efficient IT system and proper user knowledge regarding the way software functions.

Our systems are covered by full technical support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.